NEW IN 2020!!

So many good news! We have two dates: early summer and late summer, we give a special discount to anyone who arrives by train/car sharing, and we included massages in our offer!


Join us for five days of meditation and yoga in English, fresh seafood, playful workshops, community, crystal clear water, beautiful weather, exploration of island life and getting to know the local society and their customs.

We would like to share something with you that was a big part of our childhood. We’ll take you for boat rides, night swims, lying under olive trees or climbing to pick pomegranates, enticing the locals to sing traditional Dalmatian songs called klapa, walking under the sky full of stars with the moonlight reflecting on the surface of the sea, and listening to the waves warming the shore…


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Meaning of Bodul

For the local people along the Adriatic, bodul is the name for a person who comes from any of the one thousand islands on the Croatian coast.

For less known reasons, traditionally the word bodul also carries the meaning of the islanders being stingy. Perhaps it is the trait of island life to be frugal, but boduls will always share what they have plenty of – a glass of good domestic wine, lamb, fish, seagull eggs, grapes, olive oil and figs.

For obvious reasons, it also carries the meaning and the vibe of life on the island – slow, relaxed, connected to its surroundings and community.

All you need is there. Those who need more have already left.

Just ask a local redikul* about it over a glass of gemist* while watching the ferries leave. Who knows if Bura* will blow? Today’s newspapers will arrive tomorrow.

That’s the bodul zen.


 * some terms take so long to explain in writing, come with us and experience it for yourself
** wine spritzer, or Weissweinschorle in the Croatian style


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