Sarah & Nadja

Both are qualified Dynamic Mindfulness teachers with a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification and currently enrolled in the Advanced teacher Training.

While both Croatian, we met in Berlin 8 years ago, where we had both come to live. Someone immediately noticed the similarity. Many years later we strengthened our bond going through a 200ytt and in all the time spent together, bringing our different areas of focus and experiences, we had a vision to offer something authentic, locally sustainable, and missing until now. An experience for everyone searching for yoga, slowing down, soaking up the local experience, nature and connection with fellow humans, all interwoven with our love for the Croatian islands and wanting to share them with you.




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Cooking always played a role in my life since I can remember.
From Burgerbar to fine dining, I pretty much went through all of it. Ending up with an unhealthy
lifestyle that comes along with working in hospitality, I realised that I needed to change more than just a thing.
My interest in cooking evolved towards sustainable and nutritious foods and, with it, the fascination in a healthy body and mind. Nowadays, nutrition is my bridge between being a personal coach and a chef: supporting the body while enjoying the pleasure of food. And never stop learning!’

Currently I am working as a personal nutrition and health coach  and focusing on my studies in psycho neuro immunologie.



Tanja completed a workshop in November 2018 at the studio of massage therapist Ardian Hartono in Berlin.

She became interested in massage for various reasons, among them being to learn a new skill with the principal aim of helping others. It’s an invaluable service for those experiencing pain, stress or physical recovery. She’s intrigued by the healthy process of one not only receiving the massage, but the effects after one. Massage is quite simply a positive experience that one can feel good about giving, beneficial for both parties involved.

Her massage approach is inspired by the influence of fascia, somatics, deep tissue, acupressure, meridians and Indo-Malay massage. It is a holistic, rejuvenating, calming and revitalizing approach, aimed at relaxing your body after a long and eventful day.

Tanja currently works resides in Berlin.